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Claims for payment of winning the amount from N$ 10.00 up to N$ 7 500 shall be made via CELLPHONE BANKING


Claims for payment of winnings from N$ 10 000 up to N$ 150 000 shall be collected from the lottery headquarters located in Windhoek :

45 Banhoof Street
Windhoek. Namibia



To collect winnings from N$ 10.00 up to N$ 7 500 please use the following as a guideline to receive Winnings:



If your Ticket is a winning ticket send a message to “22111” with the following information:

                       1) Name & Surname 
                       2) Serial Number of ticket 
                       3) ID/ Passport Number 
                       4) Where the ticket was bought



A message will be sent back by Lotto+ to the winner with the monetary winning amount. 

Commission guarantees to payout all winning prizes.
The winning ticket validation methods shall be verified and correspond to the data on the commission central computer systems validation file.

Tickets have a validation bar code you are not allowed to scratch.

For a ticket to be deemed valid for payment or claim, it should not be:

  • Altered or tampered with in any manner

  • Counterfeit in whole or in part

  • Stolen or miss registered

  • Have a scratch validation Code.

  • Claims for payment of winning instant tickets are valid

  • Within 30 days of that ticket circulation period.



Ineligible Tickets

Any ticket which does not pass all the validation checks shall be ineligible for any prize and the holder of the ticket shall not be paid.
By purchasing this ticket you agree to the terms and conditions of the rules of the game.


Additional Rules


  • Do not damage the ticket.

  • Upon purchase of ticket four spaces must be scratched out to get the Winning numbers.

  • Lotto+ tickets are available at your Retailers and Service Stations Countrywide.

scratch lotto logo.png
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